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Hello my name is Jerry Douglas Baker and in early 2004 I wanted to start a club that was more
about the cars and the people that drive them, than membership dues and the condition of the car.
So in early 2005 I said it was time to create The Mustang Mafia of Kentucky. Since then we have grown
into the Mustang Mafia of America with members all over the world.

We are now in our 7th year of the world of car clubs and hope we are doing it proud.
We are a Mustang Club with our Headquarters in the Lake Cumberland Region in Southern Kentucky.
Our club is open to anyone with a Mustang.
So if your looking for a Club thats all about the Car and the people that drive them,
no matter the shape or the paint job of your car. Well I think you found it and we would be glad to have you.

We are a non profit group

Mission Statement

The Mustang Mafia Car Club is dedicated to the preservation and the love of the
Mustang and the Spirit of Friendship. We are a strong club with active
participation of all our members. We try our best to promote a strong image in the area we
live in and about the preservation of the Mustang and all classic cars and truck and
those that someday will be. We are all about cruising in our cars and having a good time with friends.
If you have any questions please email us with them. We will answer any questions.

Welcome to the World Wide Headquarters of The Mustang Mafia. Below you will find links to other families
that we support and that support us. If you would like to start a family in your area please email myself.
If you would like to join one of our families fill out our application form and state the family you are interested in.
We also have Message Board that is open to all our family members and to anyone that loves mustangs.

Please don't let our name miss lead you.
We are not thugs, gangsters or bullies. We are a great bunch of people of all ages
that love mustangs and just cars in general, and having a great time with others.

Are you looking to be a member? Well here is a few things to know.

We are car people so we show respect to other car people.
We never turn away a mustang due to its looks or year.
Not everyone has the same taste or deep pockets.
We are looking for active members.
If you like the name and that's it, find another club.

Everyone knows that the Mustang is one of the greatest cars in the world,
so lets show them that the drivers are some of the best as well.

In Loving Memorey

Cynthia Baker
1973 - 2013
Never far from our Hearts

7th Annual Slaying of the Dragon 2014

2014 Mafia Wars the Cynthia Baker Memorial Car Show

Join us or support us by clicking here.
If you have any questions please email us.
The American Cancer Society is now the official charity of The Mustang Mafia

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